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Hey everyone!

My hope is that your character will develop, grow, and evolve as we game. However, I know many of you are quite creative and already have goals and visions for your characters. This is a great place to put your ideas and flesh out your characters as we go along. This is also the spot that we’ll be metagaming (if/when necessary) and carrying out conversations about logistics and things of that sort.

Speaking of logistics, since we all live relatively far away from each other we will probably be utilizing Google Hangout with the Tabletop Forge app for many of our gaming sessions. So please make sure your internets are working and that you are familiar with Google Hangout and Tabletop Forge by game day.

Lastly, I think the Adventure Log will be very useful for us. After each session, the log should be updated with info on what happened that session. These notes should be entered before the next gaming session. As it stands, I hope to game once a week for approximately 4 hrs per session. I will log our first session, but we will rotate this responsibility each week. If for any reason you are unable to log notes one week, please let me know before the week is up so that this responsibility can be reassigned.

Thanks for letting me be your GM. I hope we all have a blast!

Character Fluff:
Cylus Cavanot

Main Page

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