Cylus Cavanot

This Is How It All Started

Cylus Cavanot is a prodigy, and he’s known it for a long time. His earliest memories are of his mother, long ago. She was young, beautiful, and brilliant. She was also a sociopath. She made him her surrogate husband long before he even knew what that meant. She used people. She stole when she wanted something. She knew she was beautiful, and she used that to get what she wanted, too. Eventually, it got her in trouble. She was in a bad place, and she got caught with a minor devil. She made a deal, a deal for the power to get what she wants.

Cylus was her price. She offered Cylus to the devil for power. The devil accepted, and gave her her power. But then he let some people who wanted to hurt her know where she was, and she was quickly dispensed of.

Once Cylus understood what was at stake, he made a deal with that devil, too. He knew that if he died, no matter what he did, he would belong to it. So he asked for power, incredible power. His plan was to gain immortality, so that he would never give that devil the satisfaction of cashing in its side of the bargain.

That’s how Cylus gained his warlock powers.

Cylus Cavanot

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