Welcome to Skull & Shackles!

Each character should be starting at level 1, but fear not for the opportunities to level up come quickly. It will be very helpful for each PC to familiarize themselves with the Skull & Shackles Player’s Handbook as you will need to learn ship mechanics and other details before play. If you haven’t already, I strongly suggest creating a Paizo account where you can download and print character sheets, Pathfinder basic rules, and the player’s handbook for free. Please also ensure that your character is not opposed to piracy, as it will be very difficult to successfully and fully experience this campaign if they are.

As we begin our campaign we will be spending much time on a ship in the open seas. Characters will have plenty of time to get to know each other during play so no character will start off knowing another. Please consider using one of the campaign traits for your character as this will give you a reason for beginning this campaign.

The plan is for our ship to set sail on Saturday, September, 28! Please have your character info on here at least the day before we begin.

Thanks! See you all soon

Skull & Shackles

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